About Us

Creator of Lovesque, Christina Biamonte, is a self-taught fashion designer. With a strong family influence, Biamonte was submerged into the arts and developed an interest for fashion at a very young age, designing her first handbag and skirt before the age of ten.

Before fashion became her career focal point, Biamonte followed her love of fitness and athletics, which led her to a career as a personal trainer. After earning her bachelor's degree from UNLV in 2006, Biamonte followed her calling as an entrepreneur and started her own personal training company just one year later. Through her one-on-one training time with women of all ages, helping individuals reach their fitness goals, Biamonte found herself drawn to conversations about fashion. Realizing that something was missing from her life and from the marketplace that her clientele was searching for, Biamonte strived to create a women's line tailored to the 21st century lady. Thus, her clothing line Lovesque was born in 2012.

The name Lovesque stems from love, and esque, indicating style. Fused together, the brand is not just about fashion but is truly about style. Lovesque encompasses a timeless, classic, slimming, and elegant look, designed to empower women to feel confident, sexy and comfortable in their skin and with their personal style. Each piece from the Lovesque line is made from ultra-soft fabrics, such as Modal, for all-day comfort. Putting on these pieces is described by consumers as gliding into a second skin that feels just as luxurious as it looks. 

To embrace the natural feminine charm of women, Biamonte hides inspirational quotes on the inside of some of Lovesque's pieces. The mantras are sewn into the fabric and worn on the heart to empower women to love what they wear, wear what they love...and ultimately to empower women to love themselves.